Video: Fox News anchor seems to believe he's Steve Doocy, for some reason; Update: Joke?

Via Breitbart and HuffPo, one of the oddest palate cleansers we’ve ever posted, I think. That’s Clayton Morris you’re looking at, subbing this morning for Doocy on “Fox & Friends” and … really getting into it, from the look of things. There’s no mystery what happened here; the mystery is that it happens twice, at 0:04 and again at 2:19. Did neither Morris nor the Fox production team really not notice that the ‘prompter needed updating? “For the last time, anything you type, Burgundy will read!

Exit quotation from a catty Fox News “insider” via HuffPo: “It was wishful thinking on Morris’ part, and executives didn’t find it amusing.”

Update: From the comments: “I find it hysterical that Obama-supporting liberals are mocking Morris for supposedly reading whatever is on the teleprompter.”

Update: Supposedly this was a joke, although no one on set seems to have gotten it. They can’t all be winners, I guess.