More Obama: Let me get back to you on our possibly felonious job offer to Joe Sestak

Via Breitbart. Alternate headline: “White House cover-up of Sestak job offer not quite finished yet.”

Want to know something fun that I learned today? According to the Denver Post by way of Newsmax, allegedly Sestak isn’t the first Democrat to be offered a job by the White House in hopes of getting him to bow out of a primary. September 27, 2009:

Not long after news leaked last month that Andrew Romanoff was determined to make a Democratic primary run against Sen. Michael Bennet, Romanoff received an unexpected communication from one of the most powerful men in Washington.

Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop, suggested a place for Romanoff might be found in the administration and offered specific suggestions, according to several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post.

Romanoff turned down the overture, which included mention of a job at USAID, the foreign aid agency, sources said.

Then, the day after Romanoff formally announced his Senate bid, Obama endorsed Bennet.

The White House denied it at the time, natch, but the Post cited “several top Colorado Democrats” for corroboration. Just wondering: How many of these strangely similar allegations, any or all of which could conceivably violate federal law, are needed before Eric Holder decides it’s worth taking a closer look? That’s not to say anything will come of it — Michael Mukasey, Bush’s AG, explained to Dave Weigel today how easy it is to phrase these offers in a way that makes them hard to prosecute — but surely it’s worth finding out what, precisely, was said. In fact, Mukasey himself called for a special prosecutor. How about it, champ?

If you can get past Time’s stupidity of insisting that there can’t can’t can’t be anything criminal happening here, they’ve got a fun piece about how baffling the White House’s logic was in offering Sestak a job in the first place. (A point I’ve made before too.) And look on the bright side: Thanks to the Post article, if this thing does blow up, at least now we know who the fall guy will be. Update that resume, Jim Messina! Or am I mistaken and in fact the fall guy will be Sestak himself, who, according to Ed Rendell, clearly must have misunderstood what the White House meant when it contacted him? New campaign slogan: “Vote Sestak. He’s an imbecile.”

Update (Ed): There is, I think, a slightly more nuanced possibility in determining whether Sestak is a liar or covering up a felony.  I think it’s very possible that Sestak made that accusation without having the slightest clue what it meant, in legal terms.  When Specter entered the race, the Obama administration tried pushing Sestak out of the race.  That allowed Sestak to run as someone outside the “club” in the Democratic Party and as an aggrieved victim of Obama’s leap to embrace Specter, and I’d guess that he embellished his account of the negotiations just a wee bit to make that point.  Now he’s stuck with the accusation, and he’s put himself in the position where the White House has to basically call him an idiot who didn’t understand precisely what was said when they spoke to him about his options.  That’s going to leave a mark in the general election, as Allahpundit says above.  Don’t expect too much to come out of this, in other words.