Nina Easton: What I saw at the SEIU thug protest at that banker's home

You already know the story of the protest but I want to make sure you know that Easton’s now being smeared for reporting on it. Of course.

According to SEIU blogger John Vandeventer, “one Google search” reveals that Easton’s ”husband is Russell Schriefer, Republican strategist and consultant to several big corporate interest groups. In fact, her husband’s client list includes the Business Roundtable, a special interest group that counts Bank of America and other Wall Street banks among its members.” Media Matters’ Brian Frederick reprinted the same intel, citing Vandeventer. Both writers suggested that Easton had committed journalistic malpractice by not revealing her husband’s business doings.

But according to a source close to the family, both writers are wrong. Yes, Russell Schriefer worked with the Business Roundtable — once, during the 90s. And yes, he’s worked for the Chamber of Commerce, but not since 2006. Currently, his firm “primarily does media for Republican senate, governor and presidential candidates”–not Bank of America.

Has Captain Civility or his flack-in-chief been asked about this yet by any reporter, incidentally? Not that they’re obligated to answer for every sin committed by every crank on their side of the aisle; that privilege is reserved for Republicans. But after all the demagoguery about teabaggers gone wild coupled with all the finger-wagging at conservatives about disagreeing without being disagreeable, you’d think he might have thoughts on his closest union crony sending a rampaging horde to intimidate a banker at his home. But then, this is the guy who once told a group of financial CEOs, “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

Here’s Easton on Fox today, punching back twice as hard.