Napolitano: I'm not comfortable with this Arizona law that I haven't read yet

First Holder, now this. Second verse, same as the first: It would take 20 minutes to read through the statute and less than two to read the key provisions that have raised concerns about racial profiling. But if you read it then you’re responsible for what you say about it, and we can’t have that with the midterms less than six months away. So here’s the deputy border-enforcer-in-chief admitting that she hasn’t found the time yet to review “in detail” an immigration law that’s been the talk of the country politically for about a month now. Consider this a sequel to my post about Huntsman and China: Not only is State badmouthing a statute supported by most Americans, but given administration practices, there’s a better than even chance that no one in authority over there has even read it yet.

Don’t worry, though, all these misperceptions about the law will change once the media buckles down and starts fact-checking the critics, right? In fact, turns out NBC News is partnering with Univision for an immigration special next week. What could go wrong? Click the image to watch.