Uh oh: Arizona starting to feel the pinch from boycotts

Dude, they’re winning.

Acknowledging that Arizona has developed a serious image problem because of its tough new immigration law, Gov. Jan Brewer and tourism-industry leaders said Thursday that they will launch a new effort to stanch the flow of lost trade and convention business in the state…

“It’s up to us to get the truth out there. This is impacting Arizona’s face to the nation,” said Brewer, who blamed the controversy on misconceptions about the law…

To date, dozens of cities and groups have announced boycotts. Arizona has lost at least 30 to 40 meetings and conventions, she said…

As part of their effort, officials plan to revive a past campaign that encourages Arizonans to take advantages of specials and deals and vacation within the state. How to rebrand the state to potential visitors has not yet been decided.

A big issue, Johnson said, is “tentative” bookings and new business, those groups that have indicated they were interested in coming here between 2011 and 2015 but are now refusing to sign contracts.

“We’re hearing from our sales people in the hotels and resorts, that people aren’t returning their calls anymore – that they don’t even want to talk to Arizonans,” she said.

Brewer seems to think it’s a matter of correcting misperceptions about the law. It’s not, though. For one thing, the left isn’t interested in the facts about this. That was my point yesterday about Holder admitting that he hasn’t read the statute. If he reads it then he’s accountable for smearing it; better to stay ignorant and smear away for as long as possible and then, when called on it, grudgingly chalk it up to being misinformed. Besides, ever since the law was amended to ban racial profiling, the critique has shifted to how it’ll be applied in practice by cops, not how it looks on the page. Even if it’s found constitutional — and it very well may be — it’ll take months of proper enforcement by Arizona police before that point can be factually challenged. For another thing, there’s too much political skin in this game for the hysterics to relax. A Univision poll shows that 67 percent of Latinos oppose the law even though national majorities are strongly in favor. Democrats aren’t going to pass amnesty this year so screaming “Nazi!” is their best chance to lock in Hispanic voters for the midterms and beyond. Look at it this way: When you’ve got the Simon Wiesenthal Center issuing statements deploring the sort of rhetoric being tossed at Arizona, you’re way too far into Godwinland ever to make it back out.

As a wise man once said, you can’t reason a man out of that which he wasn’t reasoned into, so rather than trying to politely explain the virtues of the law, they’d better start thinking about reciprocal boycotts. Take a piece of California’s ass economically and let state officials over there deal with the headaches of their own business leaders. And at some point, some high-profile Arizona pol really should call the bluff of sanctuary cities by offering to release captured illegals into their custody in lieu of deporting them. If Gavin Newsom and Mike Bloomberg and Antonio Villaraigosa are all so hot to welcome the “undocumented,” fantastic: Arizona’s got an endless supply and will be happy to provide however many to San Francisco and New York and L.A. that they’d like. In fact, as loathsome as I find McCain’s immigration pandering, I’ll applaud even if he’s the one who spearheads this idea. These sanctimonious lawless left-wing hypocrites must have their bluffs called. All the illegals they want, coming right up. Just say the word.

Speaking of left-wing hypocrites, here’s another one musing about the fact that “Technically, it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.” Well, great! If I was an illegal stuck in the perpetual sun lamp that is Phoenix, I’d love a free ride to Boston. How about it, Gov. Patrick?

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