GOP bypasses Arizona, chooses Tampa for 2012 convention

I know, I know, everyone wanted them to show some solidarity with a government that’s getting it demagogued on immigration. But (a) why choose a red state instead of a swing state in an election year? (b) Assuming Rubio wins in the fall, a keynote at the convention in his backyard will be awfully sweet. (c) There’s no way the GOP’s going to tempt fate with Latinos before the midterms by slapping an official party endorsement on Phoenix. From today’s WSJ poll:

If you want to know the reason why so many prominent Republicans are amnesty shills, you’re looking at it. Interestingly, Phoenix is reportedly also on the Dems’ shortlist for convention possibilities. Is The One going to steal a little thunder here by tapping Arizona as his own coronation site in 2012, on the theory that his party will be “bringing civil rights back to Phoenix” or whatever? Stay tuned!

Oh, another GOP candidate that was passed over? Salt Lake City. I wonder why…

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