Obama: All this darned media is putting "pressure" on our democracy

A fine example of a comment that would sound banal coming from a generic Sunday morning chat show pundit but becomes postworthy when uttered by the president. All he’s saying, really, is that as media multiplies, it becomes easier to spread disinformation. Which may be so — but of course, it becomes easier to challenge disinformation too. The One neglects to mention that last part; I wonder why. In any case, enjoy this twice over — once for the odd inclusion of Xboxes and PlayStations in an argument about truth in media and the second time for the thought of how nutroots bloggers would have reacted to George “Adolf” Bush casually wondering whether having so many voices in the public square is healthy for a democracy.

Exit question via Weasel Zippers: This guy knows that his campaign advertised on Xbox, right? Click the image to watch.