DeVore spokesman on Palin: Looks like Carly found her sheepdog

I want to pause here for a moment and just exult in the rich blog content possibilities of a sustained grassroots war between Palin supporters and DeVore fans. Two “true conservatives” enter, one “true conservative” leaves.


Let the battle begin, my friends.

Team DeVore is ticked, saying that they are the ones, not Carly, who are tapped into the conservative grassroots.

“This grassroots movement is actually a grassroots movement,” said DeVore spokesperson Joshua Trevino. “Carly Fiorina thinks she can find the sheepdog to corral the sheep. Chuck DeVore knows they’re not sheep at all. They’re Americans. And they’ll make their own decisions.”

Flashback to the March 25 edition of the LA Times: “DeVore said he plans to ask Palin for Palin’s endorsement on Saturday.” Meanwhile, the Red State people are peeved:

Palin may well be making a sane judgment call by stopping Campbell at all costs. Fiorina’s got a solid shot at winning, and Palin could use the political cred that comes with endorsing a winner.

Bottom line is that this is yet another endorsement for a non-grassroots candidate, and she’s going to take another siginifcant hit to her credibility with her base in exchange for picking a winner. Probably would have been a good one to stay out of, Sarah.


Eh. Her base loves her practically unconditionally. See this post at Conservatives 4 Palin defending her endorsement as a master stroke. Palin’s problem isn’t her base, it’s centrist Republicans and independents, and today’s curveball will help her (very marginally) with that. Frankly, I like the fact that she showed some balls and jumped in on behalf of a candidate who might irk the grassroots. The rap on her is that she’s a wingnut robot, mindlessly supporting whoever the truest “true conservative” in the race might be. Not so. This required some calculation and some risk, and she’s willing and able to undertake both. Good.

Here’s the latest salvo in the developing war. Exit question: Second look at Huckabee?

Update: Another question. When’s Romney going to weigh in here?

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