Alan Grayson's GOP opponent: Does this white guy look like a terrorist?

This is, er, bold, and the self-deprecation in the line about buff, good-looking guys is cute. Problem is, Abdulmutallab didn’t “look like” a terrorist either. In fact, one of the reasons I thought it was dumb for people to assume that the white guy on that Times Square surveillance video pointed to a militia attack is that jihadis have been trying to recruit white Muslims for a long time. With some success too: Revisit this post from 2008 about “dozens of white Europeans” training in Pakistani terror camps and follow the links at the end about converts and “blue-eyed emirs.” It’s fair to say jihadis are more likely to be Arabic or Pakistani but it’s foolish to categorically rule out western palefaces. Especially as Islam becomes more popular in Europe.

On the other hand, given that we now have another Pakistani-trained jihadi on our hands, it’s inevitable that the feds will start profiling people who take unusually long “vacations” over there. Don’t want to be hassled? Skip the summer getaway to Islamabad, then. As tempting as that sounds. Click the image to watch.

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