Video: Bored troops go Gaga in Afghanistan

The real news from Afghanistan today is too depressing for a slow Friday evening, so let’s stick with a morale booster. As a bona fide viral smash — inadvertently so, according to the Smoking Gun — this would be postworthy under any circumstances, but the idea of a Lady Gaga production going on in the heart of Taliban country makes it downright irresistible. If you asked me what type of music vid I’d expect from the 82nd Airborne, I’d have guessed metal or hip-hop. Instead they picked a dance hit from the reigning queen of camp, whose eyebrows in the original video for this tune would make a Marine blush. Maybe the military really is ready to end “don’t ask, don’t tell.” (Or is it?)

The first 1:40 is a little slow, but stick with it. Trust me.