Reid: The GOP's filibuster of financial reform is "anti-American"

Via Breitbart, a bold new work from the craftsman who brought you “evil-mongers” and who once compared opposition to ObamaCare with opposition to abolitionism. His own spokesman says he “probably” should have chosen different words, but after the ObamaCare debacle, you can understand Reid’s confusion. In an age when Congress is willing to use reconciliation to squeeze through a bill opposed by most of the public, halting the pace of the Democratic agenda even temporarily seems beyond the pale. And this is temporary, by the way, or rather was: Just as I’m writing this, news is breaking that the GOP is ready to let the bill come to the floor. Thank goodness this crisis of anti-Americana could be resolved.

In lieu of the standard “what if a Republican had said it?” point, let me simply note what a liability this moron frequently is to his own side. If negotiations hadn’t been close to the finishing point, anger among the righty base over what he said here could have made life difficult for Shelby and the rest of the GOP caucus in reaching a deal. If/when Nevadans take him down in November, it won’t only be grassroots conservatives who are celebrating.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on June 04, 2023