Gibbs: The DOJ is still reviewing Arizona's law but let's call it "fundamentally unfair" anyway

A nice catch by reader Garrett, who reminds me that this wouldn’t be the first time The One has pronounced judgment on police action before he had all the facts. Skip ahead to 1:25, although if you do, you’ll miss Gibbsy’s surprising admission that Arizona’s law is a byproduct of Congress failing to act at the national level. I get why he’s doing that — if they want action on comprehensive immigration reform this year, they need every bit of pressure they can find — but it’s further evidence for my theory that Arizona’s law was intended, more or less, as a bargaining chip that national Republicans can use to demand stricter border enforcement. Either get serious at the federal level or face the states taking matters into their own hands. Nice to see Gibbs playing ball here.

Meanwhile, in “irresponsible rhetoric floated by unhinged tea-party radicals” news, Democratic Rep. Jared Polis is screeching about nascent Nazism.