Comedy gold: Salon editor can't name any extreme voices on the left

High comedy from this a.m.’s “Morning Joe.” The funny part, actually, isn’t that Walsh blanks on any lefty names. I can almost understand that given that they’re talking about Rush and Beck initially and there’s simply no liberal pundit with as long of a media reach as those two. To find the “extremists” on the left, you need to move down several weight classes.

No, the funny part is that Scarborough and Brzezinski do have someone in mind and it’s painfully clear to everyone on set — except Walsh — who that person is. If you follow the MSNBC soap opera, it’s also painfully clear why Joe and Mika can’t name him, but between the hand gestures, facial expressions, and Scarborough cracking up with laughter at their dilemma, I dare say you’ll be able to figure it out. (In case you’re struggling, here’s a tiny hint!) Exit question: Couldn’t they at least have named Frank Rich? Click the image to watch.