Video: Alan Grayson crashes the tea party

A chance encounter from yesterday’s meeting of Orange County Republicans via the Tea Party Patriots. What happens when tea partiers meet a man fondly known to us all as Teacups? Magical things, my friends:

Tom Tillison of the Tea Party Patriots Live radio show and the Orlando Tea Party, had quite a lively discussion with Alan afterwards for 10 minutes. Tillison said, “I let him know that he’s a congressman and he needs to act like one. I reminded him that these are his constinuents.” Tillison asked Grayson, “Don’t you feel that you at least owe them an explanation for your recent votes?”, to which Alan replied, “I don’t owe them anything, they’re trying to defeat me.”

Tillison followed, “You are a U.S. Congressman and you approach these people acting like a thug.”….to which Grayson responded that he was “being attacked.”

Congrerssman Alan Grayson said, “There are 308 million people that pay my salary. Do you know what that breaks down to per person?” After Tom shrugged his shoulders insinuating ‘I don’t know’, Grayson repeatd the question with emphasis. Tom quickly replied, “I have no idea”. ”It’s pennies on the dollar”, said Grayson. He later said, “I took a pay cut when I took this job”.

Alas, that exchange wasn’t captured on video, but watch the two clips below anyway if only to see him panic when he notices the camera. I know you guys hate him and desperately want to beat him, but if there’s one House race I wouldn’t mind losing this fall, it’s this one. Granted, we’ve got a great shot at the seat — Republicans controlled it for 25 years before Grayson won in 2008 and Cook currently rates the district a toss-up — but this guy is a living, breathing refutation of the left’s moronic claim that they’re the “party of civility” or whatever, which makes him quite politically useful to our side. No matter what happens in November, he’ll still be doing smirky hits on MSNBC next year about how Republicans hate puppies. Wouldn’t you rather that he do them as a congressman so that Obama and Pelosi have to answer for him? To paraphrase Lincoln, “We cannot spare this man. He reeks.”

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