Video: The sadly obligatory "Michael Steele" Daily Show interview

Scout’s honor: I’m not posting it to pile on, only because it made me laugh. It’s the same gag, basically, as Colbert’s “rap battle” with Steele and a de facto rebuttal to Coulter’s claim that “He’s smooth, he’s cool, he’s hip.” Can you truly be hip when you’re straining to sound hip? I guess so. The puppet does seem pretty smooth.

Today the head of the North Carolina GOP became the first RNC member to call on Steele to resign, but I think the new chief of staff is about to put out this fire. Hotline claims that he’s dialing up other state party chairmen to ask them to sign on to a resolution of support for the chairman; only 14 have done so thus far, but since it’ll be exceedingly hard to get two-thirds of the membership to oust him, I figure they’ll fall in line pretty quick.

Michael Steele Plays the Race Card
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