Media Matters to Rupert Murdoch: Can you name one Democrat on Fox?

Media Matters watches enough Fox that they can rattle off names like Colmes, Beckel, Geraldo, and Juan Williams faster than Murdoch can, but in this case a dumb question makes for a fun answer. Quote: “Greta Van Susteren is certainly close to the Democratic Party.” Heh. He’s right — Greta’s husband was a longtime Democrat, albeit one who flipped to support McCain/Palin in 2008 — but … really? No more obvious candidates than Greta come to mind? No one who’s, say, on FNC for multiple hours a day and whose apparent political leanings have long been commented upon within the ‘sphere? Good lord, man — if you’re not going to name Shep, at least mention KP.

That’s the first of two clips; the other catches him saying that Fox shouldn’t be supporting the tea party or any other party, although it sounds like he’s not clear on what Media Matters is talking about.

Update: Media Matters e-mails to say that they only asked Murdoch the question about the tea party; the question about Democrats on Fox was asked by a student. I stand corrected.

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