Video: Unprompted Huffington attack on Giuliani fails epically

Late afternoon comedy via the ‘Busters from this a.m.’s “Morning Joe.” Rudy was on to talk about his Rubio endorsement, Arianna was on to talk about god knows what, but once she found herself in the presence of a prominent Republican, she found her purpose and went to work. The interesting thing about this is trying to figure out whether she really wanted to attack because Giuliani’s endorsement bothers her that much or whether years of being a nutroots icon simply left her feeling obliged. The HuffPo faithful would, let’s face it, be crestfallen if she declined an opportunity to speak Trooth to wingnut Power. So here we go with the kitchen sink approach, starting with Giuliani’s association with Bernie Kerik, downshifting into his lame presidential campaign, and then grasping at his — gasp — support for waterboarding, which fully 58 percent of voters supported in the case of Abdulmutallab just three months ago. What she’s trying to do, essentially, is make the case that he’s somehow not fit for mainstream American politics — which is the left’s view of all prominent Republicans, of course — but … she just can’t pull it off. And darned if Scarborough doesn’t remind her of it every step of the way.

Not the first time she’s humiliated herself in attacking Giuliani on MSNBC, incidentally.

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