Audio: White Sox fan-in-chief still calling it "Cominskey Park"

Via Real Clear Sports. Alternate headline: “Blogger can’t believe he’s still getting content out of the Nats’ opener two days later.” You’d better hope some real news breaks within the next few hours to liven up this slower-than-slow week or else I warn you: Tonight it might be “all iPad, all the time” at ye olde blog homestead.

The “Cominskey Park” reference is indefensible — repeat after me, “kuh-MISS-kee” — but it is a mild improvement over “Cominskey Field,” which is what he used to call their former home stadium. As for him not being able to name any ChiSox players from when he was growing up, while it’s funny to hear him gag on the question, he does say he was an A’s fan at the time. No shortage of greats there — Catfish, Vida Blue, Sal Bando, Gene Tenace, Rollie Fingers, and of course Reggie — but alas, they didn’t ask him to name any. Can you imagine if they had and he blanked on a team that threepeated in the early 70s? Baseball cred gone instantly, and forever.

His approval rating in Illinois is down to 50/42, but after the south side hears about this, net negatives aren’t out of the question.

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