Tee hee: Obama mocks media for touting dismal ObamaCare polls

Via the Right Scoop, this is as snarky as I’ve ever seen him; obviously, America’s cool reception to his world-beating boondoggle has hit a nerve. Forget the fact that if there’d been a huge spike in support, he and his lackeys would be on TV 15 times a day talking it up. That’s just politics. Instead, start with the fact that no less than Bill Clinton famously predicted that The One’s numbers would leap 10 points “the minute health care reform passed.” The actual result? The Democrats’ favorable rating is now at the lowest level recorded by Gallup since they started polling the question in 1992. At 41 percent, they’re actually a point lower than the GOP, whose brand has been in the toilet for a good five years now. No wonder vulnerable Democrats don’t want to talk about health care with their constituents during the recess.

But that, too, is just politics. Instead, savor the inanity of the situation. Here’s The One goofing on people for worrying about O-Care’s popularity — at a rally he’s been forced to hold to sell O-Care to the public. Not a one-off rally, either: He’s held a bunch already since the bill passed and will hold many more in the months ahead. If he were confident about the glories of our new health-care system revealing themselves in time, he wouldn’t need a perpetual campaign to spin it. As it is, looks like he’s taking the early numbers even more seriously than we are. But it’s even more absurd than that: As you’ll see, mere moments before he laughs at people for expecting an instant rebound in the polls, he mocks the GOP over the fact that O-Care … hasn’t instantly wrecked the economy. Why a bill that doesn’t kick in until 2014 would be an instant killer is beyond me; the basic GOP argument has always been that O-Care sets us irreversibly on a path to bigger government and welfare-state dependency and is likely to culminate in single-payer. The sky is indeed falling, but it’ll be a while before it lands. But then, that’s vintage Obama. Why address your opponents’ actual arguments when you can torch a straw man instead?

I’ll leave you with a piece from the Wash Times about how some economists are already worried that O-Care will cripple an economic recovery. Sample quote: “Businesses will probably remain cautious when it comes to hiring… They now face the certainty that their labor costs will increase in coming years.” Okay — but they haven’t faced increased costs this week, have they? Tee hee!

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