Live video: McCain/Palin rally in Tucson

Maverick’s staffers are promising a “meaty” speech from Palin, which is all the traffic bait I need. I’m expecting a rehash of her op-ed this morning in the Arizona Republic — heavy on McCain’s biography with a few reminders of his recent stances against Hopenchange — but it’ll be interesting to see if she tries to sell him as the true “true conservative” in the race. Good luck, Sarah.

She’s set to go on around 3:15. Click the image below to watch live on McCain’s campaign website, but if that crashes (and it probably will), your back-up is CNN’s live feed. Exit question: Who said it? “I don’t dislike her in the way people assume. I respect any woman who can go out and kick ass in politics.”

Update: If the other feeds aren’t working for you, here’s another.


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