It's come to this: New "Miss Me Yet?" billboard features ... Jimmy Carter

Via Story Balloon, it can’t be real. Or can it?

Yeah, the billboard is real. And you laughed when you saw it. You know exactly why you laughed. Lord knows we need a good laugh after the theft of our liberty today.

If you happen to be one of those that ‘don’t get it’, well, nothing can be written to explain it to you.

Obviously this billboard was put into motion quite some time ago. It is just coincidence that this morning President Barack Obama signed into law his healthcare ‘reform’ when we received word our billboard went up. It almost seems poetic.

Supposedly it’s located in Ennis, Texas. When I saw the photo, I thought, “In spite of everything … no.” But the more I mull it over, the stronger the case for Jimmeh seems. Granted, he’s even worse on Israel than The One is, and I’m highly skeptical that we’d be seeing the glorious drumbeat of drone strikes in the tribal areas if the Brzezinski crowd was back running the show. But when push comes to shove, as bad as Carter was, he did no real irreversible damage. The One crossed that line yesterday. Is it worse to have a guy at the top who’s so hapless that he stumbles his way into economic disaster or a guy who’s so ideologically driven that he steers right into it because, come hell or high water, he’s got an agenda and he’s sticking to it? You know, I do miss the ol’ peanut a little. A little.

Exit question: Wouldn’t Carter already be working on pulling out of Afghanistan, though? Think it over as you watch another “Miss Me Yet?” ex-president wipe his hand on Bill Clinton’s shirt.

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