Video: The obligatory "This is a big f***ing deal" clip

History made twice over: The Democrats finally realize their socialist dream and Greasy Joe drops what may now be the most famous political F-bomb in American history. Try as I might to be outrageously outraged, I can only laugh — partly at the constipated look on The One’s face as he says it and partly at the idea that this was Biden’s whispered piece of wisdom to the president at the moment of liberal nirvana. Imagine a drunken uncle offering something that stupid as a toast at a wedding, say, then multiply it by a million. That’s what you’re watching here.

Give him this, though: He’s right. Gibbs knows it, we know it, and once the public realizes that this trainwreck is going to bleed us dry, everyone else will know it too. A very, very big f***ing deal indeed. Exit question: Weren’t these Jefferson’s exact words after watching Washington sign the Constitution?

Update: Video replaced on 10/15/2020.

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