Video: Dana Carvey goofs on Obama, sort of

A Friday night palate cleanser courtesy of Foreign Object Damage. The political stuff starts with around 2:25 to go. As always among professional comedians, the Obama gags are essentially flattering and are duly atoned for with Bush/Republican jokes, but even so, Carvey does get in a nice jab at Obama’s sometimes off-putting “professorial” dispassion. Dee Dee Myers touched on something similar — gently, natch — in an op-ed for Politico today:

Too often, Obama leaves the impression that he stands alone — and likes it that way. Clinton was fond of saying, “We’re all going up or down together.” Obama must make sure that people know that he needs their help as much as they need his.

In the past few weeks, Obama has increased his travel outside Washington. That’s a good move. He also needs to get out from behind the lectern and the teleprompter. Now, I have no problem with his using the ’prompter. He is more the architect of his speeches than any president since Abraham Lincoln. But Obama has become too dependent on formal speeches and set town halls. His idea of mixing it up is taking off his jacket…

In other words, people want to have a beer with him. They’re just not sure he wants to have a beer with them.

Pretty much. If you’re hungry for more Carvey, I enjoyed his and Ferrell’s goof on Bush pere and fils today at FOD, but commenters in Headlines were less amused. Tough crowd!