Pelosi: ObamaCare will make it much easier to be a full-time artist

Not a bad pitch. Thanks to the economic genius of Barack Obama, a lot of us are going to be “full-time artists” soon.

So, you can‘t—everybody has so much to gain from this, small businesses, as I said, seniors, young people, women, our economy. Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance or that people could start a business and be entrepreneurial and take risk, but not job loss because of a child with asthma or someone in the family is bipolar—you name it, any condition—is job locking.

Follow the link for MKH’s musings on who’ll be paying to cover America’s hipsters while they flounce off to follow their bliss. I was under the impression that O-Care would force everyone to purchase insurance — on pain of prison — unless they were too impoverished to afford it. Does that apply to Soul Patch too, or does he get to choose impoverishment by opting against gainful employment so that he can stay home and paint “Moonrise Over Williamsburg” or whatever? I honestly don’t know how Pelosi got to where she is being as bad of a retail politician as she is. This idiocy may play well in San Francisco, but she’s been a national figure for four years now. (Longer if you count her role as minority leader.) When do the many, many Democrats who obsess about “branding” and “messaging” pull her aside to gently suggest that sacrifice, not self-indulgence, might be a smarter talking point in the midst of a vicious recession?