Gibbs: What's wrong with demagoging the Supreme Court during the State of the Union?

Via Breitbart. “I don’t know why they’d feel uncomfortable,” muses Gibbsy vis-a-vis The One lying shamelessly about a Court decision during a nationally televised speech while oafish Democrats surrounding the justices exploded in in-your-face applause. And no wonder: In the aftermath, our trusty media was more concerned about Alito’s alleged breach of etiquette in silently mouthing words than in what the Lamb of God actually said from the podium. Even here, true to form, they fail to press Gibbs on the fact that Obama lied.

Jan Crawford’s had enough:

For the life of me, I just don’t get why the White House continues to try to pick a fight with the Supreme Court. I’ve suggested before that perhaps it’s a sign President Obama intends to tap an outsider when John Paul Stevens retires, so he can beat the drum that the Court is out of touch with everyday Americans.

But after Chief Justice John Roberts made some entirely reasonable remarks yesterday — and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs just had to respond — it’s now getting ridiculous.

Whether the White House has a short-term or long-term strategy or no strategy at all, it’s flat-out absurd and ill-advised for the administration to think it should always have the last word. It’s like my 6-year-old: “I don’t LIKE your idea. I like MY idea.”

Is it ill-advised? The One needs dragons to slay ahead of November to goose his base and remind the public that he’s still all about “changing Washington” or whatever. That was the point of the clumsy “fatcat bankers” populist pandering a few months ago and that’s the point of picking a fight with a right-wing Court that came down on the side of corporations in a campaign-finance case. It’s an exceedingly easy, exceedingly cheap way to score points, all the more so because the justices can’t really punch back. (Well, except Scalia.) More demagoguery, please.