Video: New DNC ad blows the lid off Rubio's back wax

I know, I know, he never had a back wax. Interestingly, the DNC knows it too and kinda sorta acknowledges it at the end (Rubio did in fact use his party credit card at the salon to buy gift certificates), raising the question of who this spot is really aimed at. Rubes is the butt of the joke — and, in fairness, it’s pretty funny — but it seems more like a shot at Crist for lying. Which makes sense if you read Ed’s post this morning: At the moment, Crist is still a bigger threat to Democrats in the general than Rubio is. Emphasis on “at the moment.”

Anyway, I needed a peg for the new poll out this afternoon and this’ll have to do. Warm up the bus, kids: This race is, well and truly, over.