Open thread: Massa chats with Glenn Beck

A must-see, not only because of the potential for dirt-dishing about the Democratic caucus but to watch how Beck handles the clamor among righties that Massa can’t be trusted. It ain’t just Bob Lonsberry and the boss emeritus now: Rush Limbaugh dismissed Massa earlier today as a “legitimate kook” and the Standard warned this morning that its sources on the Hill say the ethics report will be damning. And no wonder. Just across the wire at Politico:

The House ethics committee has received allegations that former Rep. Eric Massa groped at least three male staffers and conducted himself improperly with interns as well as full-time aides, a source familiar with the matter tells POLITICO.

One incident allegedly occurred when Massa traveled to San Francisco with an aide for a fundraising trip, a second source said.

WaPo reported a few hours ago that the allegations date back at least a year and involve a “pattern of behavior.” Lonsberry also claimed to have heard of Massa touching at least two men inappropriately during his naval career — and that was before any of the congressional accusations surfaced. Shrewd move by House Democrats to get ahead of the news cycle and leak this stuff shortly before Massa sits down with Beck — doubtless the new groping claims will dominate the coverage of the interview afterward — but don’t let Ace’s point slip by the boards:

Beck sort of has a point here, if he can manage it without giving credence to Massa’s convoluted claims: We would never see these leaks against Massa if he were a Democrat in Good Standing.

It’s not so much that Massa is innocent so much as his guilt would be entirely irrelevant to the Democrats and the media if he were voting the right way.

Yeah, in Bizarro World the lefty outcry over Republican homophobia for criticizing this proud ObamaCare supporter shakes the very earth beneath our feet.

Here’s your thread. I’m assuming Beck will be appropriately skeptical of this guy’s shpiel in light of the new harassment details, but for a guy who famously (and appropriately) mistrusts politicians, he sure did seem a little less mistrustful than usual for awhile.