Good news: Pop stars now posing in Obama's chair in the WH Situation Room

Fine by me. To object would, of course, be unhip, and besides, The One and his staff are perfectly capable of making this political calculation. If they think lending the president’s national-security seat for celebrity photo ops is a winner with voters, have at it. It certainly helps with his cool factor, and let’s face it — with stagnant unemployment and the ObamaCare debacle dragging on forever, that’s about 80 percent of his appeal at this point.

Did Bush do something like this too? I’ll bet he did and that every lefty media type who found out about it thought it was a cute and endearing reflection of his attitude towards the job. Here’s reaction from a different type of Situation Room featuring Donna Brazile and Alex Castellanos, who notes in Jay-Z’s defense that he has, after all, done more to create jobs than Obama. Exit ultimatum: If I see any photos of Lady Gaga rolling around on the Oval Office desk, that’s it.