Shooting at Pentagon: Two cops injured; Update: Suspect identified

Lots of e-mails flowing in about this, although details are sketchy. Two officers down, the suspect in custody, the Pentagon on lockdown, and little else:

The shooting occurred at the Pentagon Metro Station, which is just outside the Pentagon’s main entrance. The shots were fired at about 6:35 p.m. ET.

The officers belonged to the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, the Defense Department said in a statement. One was apparently hit in the lower part of the body, according to reporters there. He appeared to be alert when he was loaded into an ambulance.

The good news, per Major Garrett, is that the injuries aren’t life-threatening. A Pentagon official tells NBC that the shooting appears to be “random” and not some sort of terrorist attack, but they said that initially about Joe Stack’s missile into the Austin IRS office too. Stand by for updates regarding motive; “teabaggers” aren’t typically associated with antipathy to the military, but don’t underestimate the conclusion-drawing power of Frank Rich when he’s crashing on deadline.

Update: The shooter’s name: John Patrick Bedell.

The man was calm as he approached the officers at the main entrance around 6:40 p.m., Pentagon Police Chief Richard Keevil said at a news conference. The officers asked to see his pass to enter the building; he started shooting without saying a word.

“He reached into his pocket and they assumed he was going to get out his pass and he just started shooting,” Keevil said. The officers were only “grazed” and immediately fired back.

The cops were grazed but a Fox source says Bedell was shot in the head.