Olby to tea partiers: End the near-total "segregation"

From last night’s “Countdown,” an RSVP to the Dallas Tea Party’s cordial invite. Unless I missed a memo, minorities are welcome to attend tea party rallies, mix freely as part of the crowd, and even take to the podium to speak, so either Olby doesn’t understand what “segregation” means or I don’t. Probably the latter — I am not, sad to say, a Cornell man — although I suppose he might have chosen the wrong word deliberately simply because it’s so much more politically loaded. Me and my damnable cynicism.

Anyway, this is a total letdown: Not only did the DTP not end up as worst persons in the world, this didn’t even merit special comment status. Bummer. Exit question for Mediaite: Do you really not understand why he took a shot at you here? A day after you posted this?

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David Strom 5:21 PM on June 02, 2023