Reid to GOP: "Stop crying" about reconciliation already

Oh, the party we’re going to have when he crashes and burns on election night.

I may even commission a new humpbot video for the occasion. Shhhh.

“They should stop crying about reconciliation as if it’s never been done before,” Reid said.

Following Senate Democrats’ weekly luncheon, Reid said “nothing is off the table” but that “realistically, they should stop crying about this. It’s been done 21 times before.”

“The question is: Is reconciliation the only way we can do health-care reform?” he said. “The answer to that is no. But I’ve been told that my Republican friends are lamenting reconciliation, but I would recommend for them to go back and look at history.”

Going back and looking at history is a fine idea. Why, here’s some history now: Via Naked Emperor News, try to hold back tears as a weary but unconquerable minority leader strides to the floor of the Senate and makes an impassioned case in defense of the filibuster, especially at moments when the White House and Congress are controlled by the same party. It’s like an alternate ending to “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” except starring a guy prone to musing about men’s penchant for beating their wives and given to occasionally babbling about“Negro dialects.” Four stars.

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