Obama: On second thought, I love Vegas; Update: Video added

Ed’s written a bunch of posts about The One’s dopey Vegas gaffe, not because it’s important but because watching Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman gleefully rub Obama’s face in his mistake has turned out to be such an odd, gratifying pleasure.


But all good things must end. Today, my friends, the healing begins.

“Let me set the record straight: I Love Vegas,” the president said, to applause. “Always have.” He then repeated that he “love” for the city and that he enjoys it “every time I’ve gotten an opportunity to visit.”

Mr. Obama then made a gambling joke, saying the night previous he “drew a flush on the river and cut the budget deficit in half.”

The president acknowledged that he “did receive a little bit of heat” when he said “folks shouldn’t blow their college savings in Vegas.”

Mr. Obama said the comment wasn’t meant as a slight.

“I think everyone here would agree that the only place people should spend their college savings is in college,” he said…

At a town hall event earlier in the day, Mr. Obama also offered kind words for the city. After one man said he was visiting the city, he said, “That’s what I’m talking about — everybody comes to Vegas.”

He was there for a town hall, at which he was kind enough to drop the name of Harry Reid repeatedly. Everything’s going according to plan.

Update: Greg Hengler shares the love for Vegas.

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