Scarborough: Did Chris Wallace roll his eyes at Palin?

Via Breitbart. I’m going to say no just because I always say no when we play these dopey games involving ambiguous physical gestures, but it’s worth a watch on a slow Monday news night. A quote via Newsbusters from earlier in the segment (not seen in the clip):

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know, Mika, I’ve just got to say this about Sarah Palin. Seriously. I was cheering for her early on as I cheer for anybody who’s new on the scene, Republican or Democratic. And she was bashed, unfairly, by the press early on, before they even knew who she was. But it seems to me that she keeps lowering the bar for herself. Forget the speech [to the Tea Party convention]. Look at the end of Chris Wallace’s interview [on yesterday’s Fox News Sunday] where he rolls his eyes, embarrassed. There’s no doubt he is. Now he will deny that. But Chris was sending a message to all his friends: yes I know. She is not a serious thinker.

And then, look at the press conference afterwards [the convention], and then sneak into rooms, be a fly on the wall of top conservatives that will bow and scrape to Sarah Palin publicly, but behind the scenes are angry that she will just not sit down and study issues.

There were no catastrophic gaffes in yesterday’s interview, so either she knew the issues well enough to satisfy Wallace or else Wallace took care not to ask anything of Fox’s newest contributor that might trip her up. Either way, he’s not a man in a position to eye-roll. Possibly relevant, possibly not: A few days before his interview with Sarahcuda, he made a joke about her sitting on his lap for which he was promptly and duly lambasted by Jeri Thompson. A sign that he really doesn’t respect Palin or just an innocent-ish goof gone wrong?

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on June 02, 2023