Video: Planned Parenthood responds to Tim Tebow ad by "honoring family" or something

Via Media Blog, a web-only salute to the empowering freedom to purge yourself of the inconvenience within. Two oddities here. First, we’re not precisely sure what it’s responding to: No one’s seen the Tebow ad yet, so no one knows if he’s going to attack abortion rights or merely urge women to choose life. (Sounds like it’s the latter.) Second, what’s with the spokesmen? There were no women athletes willing and able to step up for PP to counter the appearance by Tebow’s mom? Maybe they thought a men-only ad would be more likely to appeal to male football fans or maybe they wanted to make the point that there are plenty of male pro-choicers too, but it’s strange listening to Al Joyner celebrate his little girl’s right to choose knowing that Joyner himself had no right to choose whether that same little girl was carried to term.

Exit question: In the vast galaxy of liberal athletes, these were the highest-profile guys that PP could get? Even among retirees? Jordan? Barkley? Bill Bradley? Hello?

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