Video: O'Reilly vs. Jon Stewart on foreign policy, global warming, Palin

The exciting conclusion to last night’s back-slapping session. Just two quick notes. One: That’s a cute point he makes about the progression (or non-progression) from Richard Reid to Abdulmutallab over the course of eight years, but what about Madrid, the London bombings, or even the NYC subway plot that was busted in September? He’s either awfully ill informed or awfully glib about the severity of the threat. Two: Laying aside his bizarre shrugging at nuclear proliferation among jihadist states, in which dimension of reality did he discover that Iran is reliably, conclusively, indubitably “self-preservationist”? Given the regime’s intent on maintaining its own power at all costs, including by murdering protesters, there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t do something rash if it felt that power slipping from its fingers. What does it have to lose by firing a missile at Israel under those circumstances?

Yeah, yeah, I know: He’s just a comedian. Never mind.

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