Finally: Scott Brown sworn in

Thus endeth the supermajority. Two clips for you, one of the ceremony itself and the other of Scotty B’s presser immediately afterwards, at which budget deficits and terrorism are mentioned as top priorities. (Note the call for a “JFK-style tax cut.”) Of note: At around 4:30 of the C-SPAN clip, he hedges on “don’t ask, don’t tell” by saying he wants to talk to some generals before deciding, and at 5:45 he insists that the stimulus didn’t create a single new job. Expect that to be the subject of the Dems’ first statement about him. Possible title: “Why does Scott Brown hate education conferences?

The moment speaks for itself, but if you’re eager for companion reading see Ace’s post on learning to embrace the RINO within (at least, if you’re a blue-state conservative). Fully 10 seats will have to flip for the GOP to take back the Senate, which means it’s going to take major upsets in California and/or New York to make it happen. If you know any DeMint-ish “true conservatives” who can win there, speak up or make peace with tomorrow’s Scotty B’s.