Comedy gold: Breitbart and Shuster yell at each other over James O'Keefe; Update: Shuster lied to me to get to appear, says Breitbart

In which Breitbart gets grilled about journalistic ethics by a guy who was reprimanded by his own network this very morning for “inappropriately” jumping to conclusions about O’Keefe and whose career highlights include telling the Olby faithful that he was “convinced” an indictment of Karl Rove in Plamegate was on the way. A question from AmSpec’s Philip Klein: If, as Shuster suggests, it’s not appropriate to accuse someone of criminal behavior until formal charges have been filed, how come the left feels so chill about calling Bush and Rumsfeld war criminals? Food for thought as you watch. In Shuster’s semi-defense, he does grudgingly retract his own hasty judgment about O’Keefe — which, as of this writing, is more than can be said for CBS and the LA Times.

Needless to say, this is the stuff cable news dreams are made of. Oh, almost forgot: Right after Breitbart was cut off and this segment ended, Shuster brought in Eric Boehlert of Media Matters to play a few minutes of softball about what a shady guy Breitbart is. If you follow AB’s Twitter feed, you know that he regularly taunts Media Matters — and Boehlert particularly — for propagandizing for the left. I’m sure having him on here and giving Breitbart no chance to respond to him was pure coincidence.

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Update: You’ll be pleased to know that David Shuster has no horse in this race.

As I am signing off here, I have just been informed that MSNBC has admonished Shuster for “inappropriate” twitter comments. But what about Shuster’s obvious lie that he has no “horse in this race,” a lie he used to try to get me into the Obama-stimulus-infused, bias-laden MSNBC eco-system? Could there be a greater admission of a journalist’s political investment in a storyline than divining (”the truth is, you intended to tap her phones”) a subject guilty of a crime he has not even been accused of? Remember, Shuster has sold out Olbermann and Maddow as the ideologues in the newsroom. If Shuster is their idea of journalistic neutrality, I can continue to sleep well acting as a journalist who openly admits that he comes to the table with a unique political perspective.

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