Good news: John Edwards is on the ground in Haiti

Human compassion from a man reputed to have said, “Get a doctor to fake the DNA results.” Here’s what’s amazing about this: Even if you give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s there because he wants to be there, not because he’s simply looking to rehab his image, why wouldn’t he wait until he’s back in the country to affirm paternity of his kid? Putting out that statement today while he’s in the ‘quake zone chatting up cameramen makes him look even greasier than before, which is almost unimaginable at this point. If he was serious about repairing his image, he would have come clean ages ago and done it in person, either at a presser or in that interview with ABC when he lied to Bob Woodruff. Instead he issues a press release while doing sympathy theater in a disaster area (and diverting news crews away from more important business). No wonder his favorable rating’s … this.

Meanwhile, here’s the Enquirer taking yet another victory lap. Exit question: Was this really the most embarrassing Haiti-related behavior by an American pol today? Hmmm.