Brown's daughter to critics of his joke: Mellow out

450+ comments already on the Levin/Beck thread. Evidently you guys are interested in this. Hopefully Politico’s interview will settle the debate about whether Brown’s kids really were outrageously outraged or not:

“I had no idea he was going to do that. I saw the script and there was definitely no mention of that. It was totally off script,” Brown said in a phone interview squeezed in between classes at Boston College.

She admitted that she was slightly embarrassed. “But that’s what gives people a chance to see my real dad.”…

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck slammed Brown’s acceptance speech on his show Wednesday – specifically for broadcasting on national television that his two daughters are currently “available.” Beck appeared to compare Brown to Gary Condit, the former Democratic congressman who some suspected was involved in the disappearance of his mistress and congressional intern Chandra Levy, who was found dead…

“That is incredible. It just surprises me that people can be so negative,” Ayla said. “I feel as though all fathers across the nation can relate to having daughters and having these conversations…That’s our dad. There’s nothing creepy about it at all.”

She says she’s staying apolitical but is looking forward to meeting a certain roguish Republican ex-governor. Meanwhile, HuffPo and some of the lefty gossip sites are posting a Facebook pic of her and her sister in bikinis posing with their dad — taken at her grandmother’s birthday party, according to Ayla Brown — so if you’ve got any information that might even potentially embarrass this kid, I guess you’ll want to shoot that along to them. Her pop’s a Republican. She’s got it coming.