Sad: Desperate Dems trying to Palinize Massachusetts race

Does the “Do it for Teddy!” battle cry ring so hollow even in Boston that they’re forced to resort to … this?

Early Monday afternoon, [DNC spinner Hari] Sevugan sent out an email to reporters featuring a link to a story on the lefty website TPM. The headline: “Is Sarah Palin Avoiding Mass Senate Race?” The story quoted a Democratic strategist saying that “it’s interesting” that Palin is “nowhere to be found in this race.” TPM conceded that GOP sources say there has been “no talk” about Palin visiting Massachusetts. But that didn’t stop Sevugan, who is quoted declaring that Palin’s supporters “are anxious for her to weigh in.” At the top of his email to journalists, Sevugan wrote, “Come on, Sarah, why are you being so shy?”…

Finally, when a Brown spokesman, while not specifically mentioning Palin, said that “Scott is not looking for a lot of outside help” and that the race would not be determined by outsiders, Sevugan sent out yet another email to reporters, this one headlined “Weaselly.” Sevugan directed journalists to his response to the “blatant dodge by the Scott Brown campaign on the issue of whether he is seeking and/or if he would accept an endorsement from Sarah Palin.” Sevugan quoted himself challenging Brown: “That’s a weaselly answer. And the people of Massachusetts deserve more than weaselly answers from their next senator…It’s a yes or no question, Scott Brown — Will you accept Sarah Palin’s endorsement or won’t you?”

I’m surprised they didn’t toss her in there next to Rush in that “lockstep Republican” attack ad that dropped last night. I haven’t been following the Massachusetts race closely, yesterday’s Brown-apalooza notwithstanding, so let me ask this in all earnestness: Is Coakley really this terrible of a candidate? In a deep blue sea of Massachusetts Democrats, she’s the prize catch? Even with ObamaCare in disfavor, the combo of mawkish Kennedy sentimentality and the small fortune the Dems have burned on her campaign should make this a walkover — and yet here we are, with Waffles declaring the race a dead heat and the DNC practically begging Palin to say something so that they can demagogue Brown with it. In a year marked by some horrible high-profile Democratic campaigns and candidates — Deeds and Corzine, for starters — Coakley truly must be the very worst.

Exit question: Knowing that Brown is pro-choice, you guys aren’t going to start calling him a RINO whom we’d be better off without in six months, are you?