He did it: Brown raises $500,000 in single day, now pushing for $750,000; Update: Brown hits $750K, now pushing for $1M

Not a 50-megaton moneybomb of the sort Ron Paul detonated two years ago, but then that was a national race and Paul wasn’t battling the deep blue tide of Massachusetts. They started the day asking for $500,000; they crossed that line a little after 4 p.m. ET and are pushing on now to three-quarters of a mil. In the past half hour or so, they’ve raised roughly $20,000. If you can spare it, get out that credit card and go make some headlines.

Two interesting footnotes about the state of play right now. First, an aide from the DNC is headed to Massachusetts to lend Coakley a hand, but The One himself has decided to take a pass this time. Is that because they know victory’s in hand and don’t need him on the trail, or is it because they think victory’s not in hand and the White House doesn’t want to repeat the humiliation of Obama stumping for losers like Corzine and Deeds on their way to defeat? Second, much more mysteriously, why are Democrats leaking internal polls showing Coakley with a big lead? Presumably it’s an attempt to depress conservative turnout and donations by making them think Brown can’t win, but (a) nothing’s going to calm the excitement after that PPP poll over the weekend, as today’s moneybomb is demonstrating, and (b) there’s a risk that the internal poll will make Democratic voters complacent that victory is in the bag, which is precisely what Brown needs to keep them away from the polls. I don’t get why they’d release it.

Exit question: Being as realistic as I can, if I had to set the line right now, I’d say Coakley by seven. Bets?

Update: As of 4:53 ET, they’re over $625,000. Three-quarters of a million is a fait accompli. Do I hear a cool mil?

Update: A good point from DrewM via Twitter: If Coakley’s victory was in the bag, Obama probably would go up there to campaign so that he could claim a victory for himself after the Deeds/Corzine debacles.

Update: The sky’s the limit: At 6:45 ET, they’ve got $790,000 and change in the bank.