Press corps grills Gibbs: Um, didn't Obama totally shamelessly lie about C-SPAN?

Reminds me of the time Tapper coolly yet cruelly pressed Gibbs to defend Biden’s sub-moronic advice to New Yorkers about avoiding city subways during swine-flu season. There is, and can be, no defense here, and everyone in the room knows it. The point of asking is simply to make Gibbs look constipated — which, of course, it does. In fact, the best he can do by way of an answer is to mumble that The One wants a bill on his desk as soon as possible, an implicit admission that the White House is prepared to sacrifice all its gauzy promises about transparency on the altar of finally ramming this travesty through. But then, we already knew that.

Boost your sound before you watch the first clip, as the audio’s very low for some reason. As for the second clip, you probably watched it already at some point today via Drudge or our own Headlines section. If so, watch it again. Lies this shameless, especially from the lips of our modern-day Lincoln-Jesus, must be cherished. Click the image to watch.


Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET