Pelosi on ObamaCare: There's never been a more open process evah

Not one, not two, but three clips for you in honor of C-SPAN having to beg The One to start keeping his campaign promises. (Thanks to Greg Hengler for the Steele one.) The second and third vids speak for themselves — especially the third — but I wonder: What’s the most surreal moment in the Pelosi clip? Is it Madam Speaker daring to tout the openness of a process marked by backroom deals, secret meetings with lobbyists, floor votes at 1 a.m., draft bills that no one’s read, and the lack of any conference committee — in other words, everything that Harry Reid once claimed to hate? Is it DCCC tool Chris Van Hollen playing revisionist historian by touting the townhalls as proof of how much Democrats love debate even though (a) Obama initially wanted ObamaCare passed in July precisely so that he could short-circuit public outrage before it built momentum and (b) the Dems spent the rest of the summer demonizing the hell out of people who actually showed up to the townhalls? Or is it Pelosi having the gall to dismiss The One’s C-SPAN campaign promise with a blithe, chuckling, “There are a number of things he was for during the campaign!” Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, but it’s there. The Democratic Speaker of the House, laughing out loud — at a press conference — at what a shameless liar Bambi had to be to get elected. There’s a Change moment if ever there was one. Click the image to watch.