Alan Grayson to Cheney: "STFU"

Just what the doctor ordered to boost Congress’s collapsing public image. My position on this guy’s nutroots vaudeville routine is unchanged from the last time I wrote about him, when he called the GOP enemies of America: I don’t take him seriously enough to be offended by what he says, but his bon mots have to be flagged anyway for point-scoring purposes. For example, the post accompanying this clip at TPM giggles merrily at Grayson’s “signature wit” even though (a) recycling a 15-year-old Internet acronym for lowest-common-denominator shock value is neither witty nor signature, and (b) TPM would surely have had itself a politically calculated fainting spell had Eric Cantor resorted to something as mildly outré as a “second base” analogy of the sort Grayson indulges in here. But fine. We’re playing the faux outrage game and this is certainly worthy of faux outrage, so put another point on the board.

One question for Grayson, though. If Joe Wilson’s “you lie” was the political equivalent of a belch, what’s the equivalent of “STFU”? A fart?