Palin's book sells a million copies in two weeks

After HarperCollins massively boosted the initial run print, I wondered whether they might conceivably have to boost it again. Ten days later, we have our answer.

In all likelihood, with Christmas coming up, sales aren’t even to the halfway point yet.

The print run for “Going Rogue” has been increased again, to 2.8 million copies. The original printing was 1.5 million, then moved up to 2.5 million.

“Going Rogue” joins a select club of million-selling political memoirs that includes Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope,” Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “Living History” and Bill Clinton’s “My Life.”

BJ’s memoir sold in excess of 2.2 million. How close will Sarahcuda come to that? Well, if the Daily Beast was right about HC aiming for a sell-through rate of 75 percent, presumably this means they think she’s going to glide in at 2.1 million or so. Or does it? If they’ve already got a print run of 2.5 million on hand, why boost production further unless they think it’s necessary to meet demand? Maybe they honestly think she’s going to sell somewhere just south of … 3 million copies.

The media’s handling the news by calling her a phony populist, natch, for having used a private jet instead of the bus on some legs of her bus tour. Conservatives 4 Palin answered that charge yesterday, but needlessly so: Neither righties nor lefties have any big problem reconciling luxury with populism, especially in an age when John Edwards presents himself as an anti-poverty crusader and Glenn Beck makes Forbes’s list of the most highly paid celebrities. If anything, I think her supporters relish the fact that the hometown girl has made good by earning millions for the book and $100K a pop to speak. Getting rich is the American dream, and Palin’s all about the American dream. And let’s face it, if she wasn’t hopping on the HarperCollins jet occasionally, the media would be dumping on her for using a high-end bus instead of going Greyhound. She can’t win, so why try? Click the image to watch.


Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET