The sadly obligatory "Katie Couric hits the dance floor" post

I didn’t want to post it, but in honor of Sarahpalooza and to make amends for last night’s QOTD (sample comment: “Go screw yourself Allah… [email protected]#$ you, you piece of garbage”), I feel obliged. Here you go, ‘Cuda fans; let he who is without the sin of drunken dancing cast the first stone.

If and when we finally have the big Hot Air blog conference, we’re going to get eight to 10 shots of Stoli into Ed and re-create this exact scene. Unless we get eight to 10 shots into me and I re-create it first. May the sloppiest drunk win, Morrissey! Exit question: Who’s laughing harder tonight, Palin fans at Katie or Katie at Palin fans?

Update: Hmmmm.

Update (Ed): It doesn’t take any alcohol to make me look that bad on the dance floor.  I look goofier than that stone cold sober.  You’ll have to buy me at least three rounds to get out there at all, though.