Democratic senator: Sure, I'll commit political suicide to pass ObamaCare

It’s not every day you see a politician extend a rhetorical middle finger to his constituents, so enjoy this. It’s no mere hypothetical, either. His numbers in Colorado have been weak for months; meanwhile, The One’s approval rating there slipped below 50 percent as far back as April. Bennet’s facing a tough primary challenge, where he’ll be hammered if he votes no, and then what’ll no doubt be a tough general election, where he’ll be hammered if he votes yes. He might as well vote his conscience and prepare for the firing squad. Besides, Democrats aren’t really concerned with voters anymore. They’re answering to … a higher power now.

What’s Reid’s back-up plan if Obama’s ratings crumble a bit further and even Democrats like Bennet start to panic? Wonder-twin powers, activate! Form of a RINO!

The two moderate Republican senators from Maine, Susan M. Collins and Olympia J. Snowe, both say Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, reached out to them after he unveiled the Senate measure, encouraging them to bring forward their ideas and concerns…

“I have ruled out voting for this bill but I still very much want to vote for a bill and that is why I am continuing to have discussions,” said Ms. Collins. “I still cling to the belief that it is possible for a group of us to come together and rewrite the bill in a way that would cause it to have greater support.”…

Both senators have been talking privately with Democrats and independents about devising joint amendments in such areas as cost control, and both said they would continue to look for compromises.

“I’m prepared to continue to work to improve the legislation,” said Ms. Snowe, who said how her proposals are handled will “be a true test of whether there is a will to improve this legislation in a non-ideological, bipartisan manner.”

Exit question: Who’s going to be Reid’s 60th vote for cloture, Snowe or Collins? Don’t tell me neither. We all know how this horrible story ends.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022