Hell freezes over: ACORN employee refuses to aid and abet underaged prostitution

Life imitates South Park once again, my friends, as a plucky young lad and his “employee” approach ACORN for assistance, only to find that their particular “community” can’t be organized. All that’s missing is Butters’s now immortal line, “But I heard ACORN helps pimps and their bitches.”

Actually, as O’Keefe himself points out, it’s not the prostitution that made this guy balk, it’s the mention of underaged girls being involved. Thank heaven for small favors. Exit question: Is this the final chapter? Patterico thinks Breitbart’s being coy, that he’s planning to drop a bomb on the LA Times columnist who took a local ACORN employee’s word at face value that no one in the LA office helped O’Keefe and Giles, but I think the long recap here means this is it.