Video: The obligatory "Carrie Prejean melts down on Larry King" clip

Yeah, I know, almost all of you have seen it already. But (a) there’s always that one hungover reader who just woke up, (b) it’s funny enough to warrant a second viewing anyway, and (c) it gives me an excuse to post the clip from her appearance on last night’s “Red Eye” too, when Gutfeld asks her to rate how hot the secret sex tape is on a scale from one to 10. Question: Is this the moment when the tide officially turned against CP, even among conservatives? Glenn Beck and his crew were riffing about her this morning and she ended up canceling a bunch of media appearances, presumably out of humiliation over the King fiasco. If it is the end, it’s probably the best thing that could happen to her. As Dan Calabrese says, Conservative Icon Prison is no place for a 22-year-old:

You and I think hypocrisy is when you say one thing and do another. Prejean upset the likes of Perez Hilton by saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. So what would make her a hypocrite? If she married another woman, of course. (Or if she, say, performed a wedding ceremony between the aforementioned Mr. Hilton and, er, maybe, Jon Gosselin.)

Then she would be a hypocrite as you and I define it. But that’s not the definition that applies here.

The definition that applies here works like this: She is a conservative and a Christian. Conservatives and Christians are judgmental prudes who a) claim to be perfect; and b) judge everyone else for not being perfect. So it doesn’t matter that she never denounced topless photos. It doesn’t matter that she never denounced “sex tapes.” Every prudish, judgmental belief that has ever been imagined by a critic of Christians and conservatives is hereby ascribed to Carrie Prejean. Anything she has ever done in contradiction of these imagined beliefs thereby proves her hypocrisy.

Conclusion: Gay marriage is awesome. And all because TMZ has a video of Carrie Prejean masturbating. It’s good to be alive.

Ain’t it the truth. To balance your reading, Big Hollywood has an interview of Prejean by Lynn Vincent, a.k.a. Sarah Palin’s collaborator on “Going Rogue.” I recommend it, but more for Vincent’s introduction about being demagogued as a raging homophobe by Andrew Sullivan than for the interview itself. Don’t take it personally, Lynn. It was just your turn.