D.C. sniper executed

Honestly, it’s amazing that there haven’t been copycats. With a little rifle training and a few modified vehicles, a cell of, say, eight men could wreak havoc potentially for months. Instead, they’re still messing around with high explosives. Well, most of them.

The time of death? 9:11 p.m.

Muhammad, 48, a man who directed what many law enforcement officials consider one of the worst outbreaks of crime in the nation’s history, died in Virginia’s death chamber while relatives of his victims looked on. Unlike his victims, however, Muhammad knew when and how he was going to die. He and Jamaican immigrant Lee Boyd Malvo, then 17, killed 10 people in the Washington area during a terrifying October 2002 rampage; they also have been linked to shootings in several other states.

State authorities escorted a denim and flip-flop clad Muhammad into a small room at the Greensville Correctional Center and strapped him to a cross-shaped table. He was injected with a series of lethal drugs until he died…

Despite scores of witnesses and hundreds of pieces of evidence — the sum of which pointed directly at Muhammad and Malvo and led to capital murder convictions — law enforcement officials have not pinned down a solid motive for the shootings and cannot say for sure who specifically fired the fatal shots.

Really? No idea at all?

Update: “He basically watched my dad breathe his last breath. Why shouldn’t I watch his last breath?”